La Alma Lincoln Park – Developing Denver’s First Latino/Chicano Historic Cultural District


La Alma Lincoln Park was an early working-class immigrant neighborhood and the heart of Denver’s Chicano movement. This session will discuss how the community, local non-profit, and city worked together to create Denver’s second historic cultural district. We will focus on evaluating integrity by emphasizing the significance of vernacular architecture and extending the period of significance. And, highlight the importance of crafting Customized Design Guidelines with community input and a lens towards equity and affordability.

CE Credits:
Jul 16, 2022 8:30 AM

Kara Hahn

Kara is a Principal Planner with Landmark Preservation at the City and County of Denver. She oversees the Landmark Designation program for the city, and works primarily on regulatory and planning projects. Prior to working at the city, she was an Architectural Historian and Section 106/4(f) Specialists for the Colorado Department of Transportation, a National Register Historian at History Colorado, the National Register Coordinator for the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office, and a Historic Preservation Specialist for the Army’s Environmental Center.

Brittany Bryant

Brittany Bryant has been with the Denver Landmark Preservation for more than eight years as a Senior City Planner. She received her M.A. in Architectural History from Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to moving to Denver, Brittany worked for the Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission as a preservation planner for two years. Brittany is passionate about architectural theory, design, and preservation. Brittany works primarily on design review and loves reviewing new infill construction.

Shannon Stage

Shannon Stage is the Manager of Grants and Preservation Services at Historic Denver. In her role, Shannon managed the Action Fund program through technical assistance and outreach engagement for historic districts including the recently created La Alma Lincoln Park Historic Cultural District, and Vassar School Bungalows and River Drive historic districts; design overlays; and other projects promoting and preserving Denver’s unique history. Shannon manages State Historical Fund grants and the Façade Easement program. Shannon seeks equity in the Preservation field by ensuring all of Denver’s community stories are told, documented, and preserved through the historic fabric of our city.


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