Stopping Waste and Reusing Heritage: Why Your City Needs A Deconstruction Ordinance Now


In the US, most historic buildings are demolished at the end of their life cycle and unceremoniously dumped in landfills. We propose deconstruction as a viable, responsible alternative to demolition—and a potential new frontier in preservation. This presentation will feature multiple perspectives, including municipal deconstruction policy development; local deconstruction contractor case studies; local and statewide nonprofit education efforts; and a national policy perspective on how we can transition to a circular economy.

CE Credits:
Jul 15, 2022 10:15 AM

Mae Bowley

Mae Bowley, Executive Director, Re:Purpose Savannah (Savannah, GA)

Briana Paxton Grosicki

Briana Paxton Grosicki, Consultant, Ethos Preservation- A talented organizer and researcher, Briana Grosicki, is a consultant with Ethos Preservation, based in Savannah, GA. She was most recently an Associate Principal at PlaceEconomics, providing economic impact studies, incentives development, and preservation toolkit services to municipal and nonprofit clients in 15+ states. Grosicki serves on the national Board of Directors for the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions and as chairwoman of Preservation Action, America’s grassroots lobby for historic preservation.

Natalie Heneghan

Natalie Heneghan, Education Manager, Rethos: Places Reimagined (Minneapolis, MN)

Cory Edwards

Cory Edwards, Deputy Historic Preservation Officer, City of San Antonio (TX)


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