Three Preservation Principles for Successful Site Stewardship


Large-scale maintenance needs, new surprises with every construction project, and other property challenges can overwhelm the most seasoned owners of historic properties, as well as the local preservation commissions charged with reviewing proposed work. Learn three general preservation principles that form a strong foundation for successful site stewardship, position property owners to best care for their historic properties, and provide local commissions proven approaches for helping those owners preserve a community’s history.

CE Credits:
Jul 15, 2022 1:00 PM

Barbara A.M. Howard

Barbara is the Managing Partner and Director of Heritage Preservation forStonebridge Learning, a continuing education resource for the heritage industry. Prior tostarting Stonebridge Learning in 2016, Barbara worked for over twenty years in the heritageindustry’s for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental sectors, including leading State HistoricPreservation Offices in Iowa and Minnesota. She also works as a Minnesota Department ofTransportation historian, serves on the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and asa NAPC CAMP® trainer, is an AIA Associate member, and meets the Secretary of the Interior’sprofessional qualification standards for architectural history, historic architecture, and history.


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