FORUM speaker

Antonin Robert

Principal, President of Community Development, GBX Group, Cleveland, OH

As a principal and member of the executive team, Antonin Robert leads GBX Group’s community relations. Focusing on federal, state and local programs that are indispensable to the company’s real estate investments, Antonin works with the preservation community, development partners and other stakeholders to ensure continued support for the preservation and rehabilitation space. Antonin developed and led GBX’s real estate data and analysis team, which focuses on capturing industry financials and economic trends to support the company’s investments. Demonstrating the economic impact of GBX’s projects has proven critical to the company’s advocacy initiatives. Building on the community support around the country helps the company identify investments and growth opportunities. Antonin has over 25 years of experience in executive, finance, operations and marketing management. His fluency in five languages has helped his career in a number of international positions. A frequent speaker at industry events on topics related to historic preservation and its impact on economic development, Antonin serves on various boards related to community development, business improvement districts, and historic preservation. He works closely with numerous historic preservation advocacy groups around the country.

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